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What does the advisory serve to ? The stories of our clients reveal more

The stories of our customers and new survey in the field of the real estate property market have revealed, that the solution of the new housing is stressful for many of them. They just ruminate on the worst catastrophic scenarios ever. The support of an expert, who is going to prevent from beeing taken in by the property purchase, is more than welcome.

The concerns about the property purchase in numbers

The latest survey reveals, that the fear, which the buyers in general suffer from, shouldn´t be neglected. Their worries are consequent upon the personal experiences or the stories of the friends, who were facing the numerous disapointments by the property purchase. So what do all of them worry about?

  • 70% of the buyers are sure about the fact that they are charged more than the real rate of the property
  • More than one half of the buyers expect not to understand the contracts and welcome the expert support
  • Up to one fifth of the buyers count on the complaints, since they are taken in the fraudsters
  • More than 60% of the buyers would prefer the reliable assistance – like support, which takes care of all the details

The customer´s stories as an evidence

Beeing supported by someone, who is knowledgeable in the real estate properties, somebody who understands the local terms of the Czech real estate market, someone who is ready to provide you with a million bug – advice, would be welcomed by up to 90% of the buyers. It determines everything. The foreigners living in The Czech republic are rightfully terrified by the ignorance and the inexperience on the property market. Some of them are ready to share their stories with you:

The advisory has detected the fraudulent project

 Boris T. has decided to seek for a new flat, but he didn´t have any idea what all does he have to solve concerning it and how many flat visits does he have to take part in. However, he has chosen the favourite one from the large number of the flats and followingly invited the advisory. And thanks to adviser´s support the buyer prevented from beeing taken in.  Let´s say in spite of the elaborate project of the flat, the technical control of our advisory revealed that the intended reconstructions go beyond the real possibilities, both technically and financially as well. As a result Boris rejected the purchase and learnt from the story. The above all it is crucial to verify everything in advance !

The lying broker failed

 Natasha together with the advisor discovered the property which fulfiled all the expectations. Unfortunately the same coudn´t be said about the real estate agent, who was in charge with the property purchase. He wasn´t cooperative at all. Natasha admitted, that she wasn´t familiar within the estate market and that the sentence:„ you yourself have to arrange this…“ from the side of the estate agent,  wasn´t always right. In her case the broker decided to sell her the flat without any effort. The agent refused to provide all the documents, which she asked him for. But she didn´t have any clue, that the agent was obliged to provide them to her ! The advisory took care of everything. He oversaw the real estate agent´s work in order to ensure that he does all what he is paid for.

The advisory suggested the practical details of

Dimitri and Olga had chosen the beatiful flat in Prague and decided to buy it. They´ve been living to The Czech republic for longer time. They´ve already experienced the moving in. Unfortunately their experience couldn´t be evaluated as a positive. They bought the appartment five years ago. Its former owner didn´t see to it to clean out the cellar, which was included in the purchase price. They were waiting for  long but eventually they themselves set to the cleaning. In the consequence of they entrusted the advisory with another property purchase. The advisory placed so called  retention fee upon the contract of purchase. The above mentined amount is supposed to be paid off to the seller as soon as the flat is cleaned out, including the cellar, as promissed in the beginning.

The succesful purchase of the flat

 Inesse decided to get her own appartment in The Czech republic after many years living in rented flat. She arranged the mortgage in the bank and followingly she was given the offer for the service of our advisory. She appreciated the clearly defined services, such as the support by searching for a flat, the technical revision, the contract control or the negotiation of the reduction. The property purchase went fast without any hitch. Not a long afterwards she turned to us to say thank you for so called after-purchase care. The advisory was non-stop available for her on the phone and it helpfully answered any queries, even after the purchase termination. Inesse saved herewith much worries, time and money.

If you intend to avoid the worries regarding the property purchase in The Czech republic, don´t hesitate to turn to us on time. Discover the detailed description of our service from our advisors. In case of you are dealing with a purchase, you are welcome to query our advisory without any obligation.

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Author: Rádce
Published: 23.04.2014

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