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The code of living in the rental

If you intend to rent a flat, you can be looking forward to new rules, which make your living there more delightful. You are allowed to lease a part of the rented appartment further, get a pet or create a home office inside.

The tenant can have a lodger

The amendment of the law says, that as the tenant of the flat, in which you´re registered as  your permanent address, you don´t need to gain the approval of the landlord in order to lease the certain part of the mentioned flat to the further lodger. Certainly only provided that there isn´t a totally different rule in the contract, i.e. the explicit interdiction. For example you are allowed to offer one chamber in the three-room rental flat to the student. On the condition that, you do share the household. Leasing the whole appartment to other person without your presence isn´t allowed at all.

The conduct of the business in the flat

The conduct of the business in the flat is similar matter. If you´re registered as the permanent address, you can use the space of the flat for your business without a written permission. The coduct of the business mustn´t load the flat or the house highly – for example the activity requesting more frequent personal fluctuation or unbearable noise are completely unthinkable.

More security in case of missing contract

Plenty of people live in the rented flat, without having signed the rental contract. The landlords often don´t make a contract on purpose in order to be able to terminate the rental whenever. Without any fuss immediately, at an hour´s notice. New Civile Code intends to obviate those common practices.

If you, as a tenant,  have a rental contract and have been living there since more than 3 years, you  are protected the same way as having signed the regular rental contract. In addition to the landlord is fully responsible for all the contracts.

The right for having a pet

The lawmakers have even paid attention to  the pet breeding in the flat. Certainly many of you have already experienced that you weren´t allowed to rent a chosen appartment since the owner forbade any animals in his flat. Such a situation shouldn´t happen any more.

In accordance with a law, the tenant is entitled to breed the animal in the flat, if having a good reason for it and the pet doesn´t bother other tenants or occupants in the house. Even regardless of the landlord´s explicit interdiction. Although the restraint can be claimed within the contract but this restriction can be lifted afterwards by the court. Consulting a lawyer due to having a pet in your flat seems to be ridiculous but you are fully entitled to it.

The tenant´s duties

  1. The tenant is obliged to announce any reconstructions in the flat and make this space accesible for the purpose. Oppositely, if he dosn´t do it, as a result he is going to bear consequences for the possible damage.
  2. The tenant is obliged to report the admission of another person into a household ( it isn´t valid for the close persons), namely by two months. Contrarily he grossly breaks his duty.
  3. In case of the tenant knows that he isn´t going to live in the flat for longer than 2 months, he is due to report it to the landlord and specify the person, who might enable the access to the flat if necessary.

New Civil Code enhanced significantly both the rights of landlords and the rights of the tenants as well. All basic duties of both sides should be specified in the valid rental contract. We will discuss the changes and details of the contracts next time.

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Author: Rádce
Published: 29.04.2014

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