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The bargain: the property auctions

The advisory for your property also pays attention to the property purchase in the auction. You are certainly aware of the possibility to obtain a new appartment, house or the estate for more budget-wise price in this way. Do you know what is the difference between the auction and auction? We will explain you all the details.

Why ever the public auctions and auctions?

Maybe it has crossed your mind what does the advisory have in common with auctions? It´s simple. In view of the fact your anti- real estate agency helps you with a property purchase, we přepade for you new service – the assistence for the property purchase by the auction or by the public auction. Your advisory is ready to help in order not to have to learn lenghtly the rules of the market, chase and get stressed.

The auction differs from the public auction

Have you ever suspected, that the auction differs utterly from the public auction? Those two terms have been often mixed up and moreover understood the same but this is wrong. We´ve summed up the differences for you:

The public auction

  • Only the auctioneers provided with a licence by the Ministry of the Local Development are allowed to practice the public auctions
  • The public auctions are supported by the law in the Czech republic
  • You are allowed to take part in the public auctions personally and or newly digitally on line

In case of the public auction it comes to the ownership transfer immediately after the granting of the property by the auctioneer

The auction

  • The person practising the auction doesn´t need any licence authorised by the Ministry. The auction is a licence-free business
  • There is no low for the auctions. They follow the instructions by The Civil Code and The Commercial Code
  • You don´t need to take part in the auction personally, you can use the internet or the phone – the electronical way of the business.
  • You become the authorised owner of the property until the signing of the contract of purchase

The safety property purchase

Stop the worries about the fact that the property purchase might be highly risky. The advisory is ready to seek for you the property, to arrange all the documents, to  participate the house search and to take a part in the public auction or auction. Then assures the following care and will support you by the flat takover.

Are you ready to start? If you intend to know more about the public auctions or auctions, watch our web site or contact our advisory. You are welcome to ask below or directly our advisory:


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Author: Rádce
Published: 29.04.2014

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